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Killer Core Comeback

Mastering Strength From Within

Before I tell you all about this program, let's make sure you're a good fit.

Ready Set Go

You are right for Killer Core Comeback if you're looking to reclaim your body's core strength and resolve issues that have been holding you back from feeling your best. This program is designed for individuals who want to close the gap in their abdominal muscles, prevent urinary incontinence, and say goodbye to that constant back pain that's been your unwanted companion.


Killer Core Comeback is perfect for you if you desire to build a foundation of core strength that will carry you confidently in your everyday activities—whether that's chasing after your kids, enjoying a run without fear, or simply moving through your day with ease.


If you are...


1. An individual who's reached a frustration point with common core issues and is looking for a proven, holistic approach to core strengthening.


2. A person who has tried everything from generic fitness classes to random online tips, without finding a lasting solution to core weakness.


3. Someone who values their health and wellness and wants to invest in a sustainable method to improve their core strength and overall wellbeing.


4. A recent parent or anyone facing postpartum core challenges, seeking to heal and strengthen their body with an approach that fits into your busy life.


...then you're in the right place!


Join us at Killer Core Comeback, where we don't just work out — we learn, we understand, and we transform.

By the end of this program you will have...


Grasped Core Challenges

Understand the root causes of core dysfunction, from urinary incontinence to back pain, and why common approaches often miss the mark.


Uncover Core Strength Secrets

Learn the lesser-known yet powerful techniques that fortify your core beyond the superficial muscles for a truly resilient midsection.


Personalized Core Integration

Gain the know-how to apply core-strengthening secrets effectively to your body's unique needs, fostering a stronger, more connected core.


Achieved Holistic Healing

Experience a comprehensive healing process that addresses and alleviates your specific pain points, leading to a rejuvenated, pain-free body.


Empowered Core Continuation

Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to maintain and progress on your core healing journey, ensuring lasting health and wellness.


Meet Your Core Recovery Coach - MaryAnn D'silva

With nearly a decade in the health and fitness industry, MaryAnn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this masterclass. She is a NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, and most recently, a certified pre and postnatal performance trainer through PROnatal Fitness.  MaryAnn once struggled with core-related challenges including abdominal seperation and chronic low back pain.  Once she unlocked the secrets to healing and strengthen her core, she made it her mission to help others do the same.  You could be next!

"MaryAnn has taught me the correct way to maximize my core strength and has helped to rebuild a core I thought I would never have again."

Leigh Matthews

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Module 1

Core Challenges Decoded

Embark on a transformative journey with our opening module, where you'll decode the secrets of your core. Unveil the truth behind common core-related issues like diastasis recti and back pain. This module isn't just informative; it's an eye-opener that challenges and changes your understanding of your body. Discover the critical steps for a self-assessment that could redefine your path to healing. This is where your path to empowerment begins!

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Module 2

Core Foundations

Dive into the very essence of core health in this foundational module. Learn about the intricate anatomy of your core canister and pelvic floor, and understand how each muscle interplays to support your well-being. Grasp these concepts with clarity and depth to set the stage for practical application. This isn't just learning; it's about creating a blueprint for a stronger, more vibrant you.

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Module 3

Core Mastery

Master the pillars of core strength as you fine-tune your alignment and breathing techniques. Through practical exercises and visualizations, transform your core from the inside out. Embrace the nuances of engaging your core effectively with every breath. This module is a deep dive into refining your practice and enhancing your core's functionality for life's every movement.

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Module 4

Core Sculpt

This module brings you to the heart of the 'Killer Core Comeback' exercise program. You'll be introduced to a meticulously designed core recovery calendar that will guide your practice. Learn the importance of sets, reps, and proper integration into your daily routine. Understand when and how to safely escalate your exercises as you sculpt and shape your core strength with confidence and precision.

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Module 5

Core Evolution

This is where you'll find 24 exercise videos, each one a step towards a stronger, more resilient core. With a focus on breathing and pelvic floor activations, the simple yet effective movements are designed to transform your inner strength. As you progress, you'll learn to maintain neutral alignment, allowing for a retraining of the body to work optimally. This isn't just about building muscle; it's about reshaping your habits for a lifetime of core health. Commit to this journey and see the profound results that come from eight weeks of focused, deliberate core work.

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Transport In Style

Gain invaluable support on your 'Killer Core Comeback' path with included benefits: engage in weekly Facebook Live check-ins within a members-only group, fostering motivation and connection. Plus, enjoy prioritized email access to Coach MaryAnn for bespoke advice, and if needed, a specialized 15-minute one-on-one session to address more complex queries. These features ensure you're well-equipped for success every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program just for postpartum women?

Absolutely not! Killer Core Comeback is designed for individuals of any age, gender, or background who are facing core-related challenges. Whether you're dealing with issues like diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, or simply seeking to strengthen your core, this program offers valuable resources and exercises tailored to a wide range of needs. Our aim is to support anyone looking to enhance their core strength and overall well-being.

When does Killer Core Comeback start?

You can register for Killer Core Comeback now through February 29th. Upon registration, you'll gain immediate access to the welcome video. All educational modules and the exercise program will become available starting March 4th.

How much time will I need to commit to Killer Core Comeback?

The course consists of four educational modules totaling approximately one hour. These modules are designed to provide you with concise, essential information, respecting your time and avoiding unnecessary fluff. Additionally, the 8-week exercise program requires a daily commitment of just 10 minutes.

Do I need to complete the educational modules before starting the exercise program?

While it's possible to tackle some elements of Modules 1 and 2 "à la carte," we recommend completing all the educational modules to maximize your program benefits. For instance, if you have diastasis recti, you might focus more on that topic and less on pelvic floor dysfunction if it's not relevant to you. However, these modules serve as a prerequisite to ensure a comprehensive understanding and effective application of the exercise program.


Will I need any special equipment?

No, there is no special equipment required for Killer Core Comeback.

How long will I have access to the program?

Participants will enjoy lifetime access to Killer Core Comeback, including any future updates to the program.

Can I participate in this program while pregnant?

The principles taught in Killer Core Comeback are beneficial for strengthening one's core during pregnancy. If you're pregnant and plan to use the concepts during this period and postpartum, please reach out for tailored guidance. While a specific pregnancy program is not yet available, we aim to support as many individuals as possible and do not wish to exclude pregnant women from this opportunity.

Are there any conditions that would make this program unsuitable?

No, the program is designed to be inclusive. However, if you have a tight pelvic floor, characterized by symptoms such as painful sex, pelvic pain, painful urination, or constipation, it's crucial to focus on both strengthening and lengthening the pelvic floor. If symptoms do not improve after 4 weeks, consulting a pelvic floor therapist for potential manual release is recommended. Nevertheless, the program will still be valuable, providing exercises that support your recovery journey once any specific issues are addressed.

Important Note:

Always consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program to ensure it aligns with your individual health needs and conditions.

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Excited, but nervous?

Try Killer Core Comeback risk free with our 30 day money back guarentee.  If you put in the work and don't see the results you are looking for, we will gladly refund your investment.

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Transform Your Core,
Transform Your Life

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